Thomas Cornwall – The Behavioural Science Revolution (Interview)

The Behavioural Science Revolution

Behavioural science can revolutionise the way we do business by giving us an understanding of how people act.

Understanding this can give your business an unfair advantage and kick-start a new creative revolution.

In this session, Thomas Cornwall talks about some practical ways to ultilise behavioural science in your business.

About Thomas Cornwall

Thomas Cornwall is the Director of Behave, London’s behavioural insights and innovation boutique.

He is known as one of the leading customer experience and consumer behaviour change experts. Over the past decade he has helped many of the world’s leading brands and agencies unlock value, innovation and growth.

Show Notes

Behavioural Science is the scientific study of human behaviour.

In marketing it is about understanding why customers do what they do and choose what they choose.

Thomas sees it as the glue that fits everything together.

Behavioural Science doesn’t need to mean big changes to what you are doing. The magic of it is you can make small changes which have a huge impact.

An example of this is having a guest checkout button on your website.


Behave Lab’s The New Creative Revolution (PDF)

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