You Are Killing The Sale Funnel And Losing Clients – How To Use Funnels Better [Podcast]

Sale Funnels have been around for a long time, but marketers and business owners are over-using and misusing them, which is driving away potential clients and customers and giving funnels a bad name.

I spoke with Simon Kelly, from Renegade Empire, about what a sales funnel is, how to use them, and whether they are still relevant and useful to businesses.


You can find Simon Kelly over at Renegade Empire, and you can find his product, The Funnel Shop, on it’s own site.

Interview with Jennifer Bourn from Bourn Creative on how she uses funnels post-sale

“The way the funnel is used is the problem.”

– Simon Kelly


3:14 – How Simon moved from a solo business to an agency and things he wished he done better
5:20 – All about The Funnel Shop and how it came to be
7:24 – What a sale funnel is and how can it benefit your business
10:25 – How sale funnels work in real life
13:34 – First step: take what works off-line and adapt that to work online
16:14 – Push back on sale funnels, including Ben Chestnut’s thoughts
21:27 – Jennifer Bourn and how she uses funnels post-sale
22:34 – Is automation killing the sale funnel? And what’s the solution?
26:37 – Scaling the unscalable – can you reply manually?
29:54 – How I started my business
30:57 – Super powerful combo: combining the sale funnel & one-on-one
33:46 – The linear nature of funnels vs. the non-linear nature of the modern customer journey
36:42 – Simon’s big take-away

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