How to Find (and Use) Mentors to Skyrocket Your Business

Mentors are an important part of being in business, and as I found out from Claire Emerson they can be easier to find and approach than you might think.

I spoke with Claire Emerson about how she found her latest mentor, Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame, and how she uses four types of people in her life – cheerleaders, peers, business coaches, and mentors – to stay accountable and on track.

Show Notes

Claire Emerson’s website:

Get Bossy Now

Brian Clark’s websites:

Unemployable podcast

Unemployable podcast episode where Seth talks about a lot of things, including mentors.

“I had the goal of learning from smart people.”

– Claire Emerson


3:20 – How Claire managed to work with Brian Clark from Copyblogger
8:02 – Seth Godin’s thoughts on Mentors
9:14 – Claire’s take on what Seth said
11:25 – Peer accountability
12:45 – Mentor Vs. Business Coach
14:40 – Seth’s article on Heroes Vs. Mentors
16:32 – Claire’s 360 Accountability system
17:44 – Article The four people you need to build a successful business
18:29 – The Cheerleader
21:20 – Peers
27:23 – Business Coach
27:45 – The difference between Australian and American business psyche
33:41 – Mentor
34:26 – Virtual mentor
34:47 – Super tip to connect
39:07 – How has all this helped Claire
41:33 – Article on mentors by Foundr

If you want to know more about mentors you can read my article on whether mentors are still relevant and also see how you can use LinkedIn to find a mentor.

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