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Technology Doesn’t Disrupt Industries, People Do

I posted a Tweet a while ago linking to a story about how Uber is disrupting the taxi industry in several countries, and how taxi drivers are fighting them. Fighting change, in fact.

Immediately after posting the Tweet I started thinking deeper about it, and came to the realisation that the technology itself doesn’t disrupt industries — people do.

Uber isn’t the first company to challenge the status quo, of course, and it certainly won’t be the last. But if you look at every “new technology upsets an industry” story, the real change is driven by the people using that technology.

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You Are Killing Sales Funnels

You Are Killing The Sale Funnel And Losing Clients – How To Use Funnels Better [Podcast]

Sale Funnels have been around for a long time, but marketers and business owners are over-using and misusing them, which is driving away potential clients and customers and giving funnels a bad name.

I spoke with Simon Kelly, from Renegade Empire, about what a sales funnel is, how to use them, and whether they are still relevant and useful to businesses.

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3 Mentors

How to Find (and Use) Mentors to Skyrocket Your Business

Mentors are an important part of being in business, and as I found out from Claire Emerson they can be easier to find and approach than you might think.

I spoke with Claire Emerson about how she found her latest mentor, Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame, and how she uses four types of people in her life – cheerleaders, peers, business coaches, and mentors – to stay accountable and on track.

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4 Still Relevant - Mentors

Are Mentors Still Relevant In Today’s Hyper-Connected World?

I take a look at mentors and the mentor-mentee relationship and ask whether they are still needed in a world where we are just 6 pixels away from anyone and a Google search away from finding answers.

This is the first in a series of of regular features where I look to see if something we take for granted is still relevant.

This was sparked as a topic for me after I listened to Seth Godin being interviewed by Brian Clark on the Unemployable podcast.

During the interview, Seth Godin talked about mentors and how he thinks finding a mentor is a “bunch of hype” and is stopping us from doing what we actually need to do; and instead, having a few peers who keep you accountable is a better option.

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Kevin Koym – Don’t Just Build A Startup – Launch A Personal Revolution

Don’t Just Build a Startup – Launch a Personal Revolution

Many business people make the mistake of thinking business is just about business.

Kevin explains why successful entrepreneurs will tell you what really matters is who they became through the process of building the business(es) that made them successful. Kevin shares why successful entrepreneurs, and those who wish to become one, need to be willing to re-invent themselves and look beyond business terms to build a company that matters.

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Jennifer Bourn - Automation Isn’t Just For Marketing

Jennifer Bourn – Automation Isn’t Just For Marketing

Automation Isn’t Just For Marketing

So much emphasis is put on marketing automation, email automation, sale automation, and building funnels, but what happens when all of your efforts are successful?

To continue to provide extraordinary service and satisfying experiences post-sale — without stress and overwhelm — it’s critical to apply the same automation thinking to your business internal systems and processes.

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