How to Find (and Use) Mentors to Skyrocket Your Business


Mentors are an important part of being in business, and as I found out from Claire Emerson they can be easier to find and approach than you might think.

I spoke with Claire Emerson about how she found her latest mentor, Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame, and how she uses four types of people in her life – cheerleaders, peers, business coaches, and mentors – to stay accountable and on track.

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Are Mentors Still Relevant In Today’s Hyper-Connected World?

Still Relevant - Mentors

I take a look at mentors and the mentor-mentee relationship and ask whether they are still needed in a world where we are just 6 pixels away from anyone and a Google search away from finding answers.

This is the first in a series of of regular features where I look to see if something we take for granted is still relevant.

This was sparked as a topic for me after I listened to Seth Godin being interviewed by Brian Clark on the Unemployable podcast.

During the interview, Seth Godin talked about mentors and how he thinks finding a mentor is a “bunch of hype” and is stopping us from doing what we actually need to do; and instead, having a few peers who keep you accountable is a better option.

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How To Use The LinkedIn Mentor Connection Tool


LinkedIn has launched a mentor-matching tool which will pair you with a mentor via the professional platform.

Finding a mentor can be a daunting task, and one that I have personally struggled with.

And I am not the only one.

I have interviewed a few people recently about mentors and they all had similar thoughts when they were first searching for one.

But LinkedIn may have solved this problem by making the whole process seamless.

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