Kevin Koym – Don’t Just Build A Startup – Launch A Personal Revolution

Don’t Just Build a Startup – Launch a Personal Revolution

Many business people make the mistake of thinking business is just about business.

Kevin explains why successful entrepreneurs will tell you what really matters is who they became through the process of building the business(es) that made them successful. Kevin shares why successful entrepreneurs, and those who wish to become one, need to be willing to re-invent themselves and look beyond business terms to build a company that matters.

About Kevin

As a seven-time startup veteran and CEO and founder of Tech Ranch Austin, a venture accelerator for early-stage technology companies, Kevin Koym is a recognized pioneer in the startup community whose influence has been felt by over 5,700 entrepreneurs from over 38 countries.

His motivation to work with startups stems from his belief that supported entrepreneurs create more innovation, which leads to more solutions to address society’s most pressing issues. As a result, Kevin is known worldwide for his work in establishing entrepreneur networks in the U.S., Mexico, Chile, Singapore, Korea and Australia.

Show Notes

Find out more about Tech Range Austin.

Find out more about Venture Fourth.

Kevin also runs an online start-up course called Venture Start


2:35 – The idea behind the personal revolution

4:07 – The importance of a social network in business

5:44 – Why Austin, Texas has become the “most entrepreneurial city in the world” (it’s about the culture)

8:12 – What is Venture Forth?

10:52 – Why Kevin’s first dollars earned for this first start up was in Pesos

13:06 – Presentation starts

19:58 – How Kevin found his own mission in life

27:13 – What business book does Kevin recommend?

30:36 – The myth of the lone entrepreneur

33:35 – What we really need more of

34:36 – Q&A Starts

34:36 – Q1. Do you think entrepreneurs are born or made?

41:03 – Surround yourself with the right people

43:04 – Q2. Do you think there will be another industry which will be disrupted soon?

46:20 – More risky having a 9-to-5 job now than being an entrepreneur or freelance

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