Create A Custom Audience Based On Facebook Page Engagement

I want to show you how you can create a custom audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook Page in some way.

When it comes to selling, targeting ads to those who already know you will usually produce more (and much bigger) wins than “cold-blasting” a lot of strangers.

What I am about to show you will allow you to target anyone who has engaged with your Facebook Page some how, whether that’s visiting your Page, interacting with an ad or post, or in a few other ways.

To some extent, most people in this audience will know who you are and be at least a little interested in what you do. While not foolproof, it is a much better strategy than targeting ads to complete strangers.

There are multiple ways you can target people, based on how they have engaged with your Page.

You can create audiences based on a few specific ways people have interacted with your Facebook Page:

  • Anyone who visited your Page
  • People who engage with any post or ad
  • People who clicked any call-to-action button
  • People who sent a message to your Page
  • People who saved your Page or any post

And you can target anyone who meets the above criteria for up to 365 days.

Although feel free to choose any length of time.

Depending on your reason for creating the audience you may want a shorter time frame. And there is nothing stopping you from creating multiple audiences using various time periods.

For example you could create audiences for people who visited your Page in the last two weeks, last two months, or the last 100 days – it’s entirely up to you.

The process is straight forward, and I created a quick video (no sound) to show you exactly how its done.

Once you have logged into Ads Manager, simply click on Audiences from the main menu and choose Create Audience. And then follow along with the video.

Once you have created the audience you can use it over and over, and it will update automatically as new people engage with your Facebook Page and posts. Although, this also means people will drop out of the audience if they haven’t engaged with your Page in a while.

Do you find this feature useful?

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