How To Use Facebook Conversion Ads Even If You Don’t Get 50 Conversions A Week

Facebook Conversion Ads

Facebook has updated the ad algorithm for conversion ads, requiring you to have 50 or more conversions per week.

It’s really important to understand what this change means and what impact it will have.

So please read on if you ever want to sell something with Facebook ads again.

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3 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Failing


Your Facebook ads suck and you need to understand what you are doing wrong. This article goes a long way to explaining why.

I know your pain.

You have tried Facebook ads and they haven’t lived up to the hype.

You know they work – you have seen others make them work – but it just seems so elusive to you right now.

Maybe you suck?

Well, no, you don’t suck.

Not even close.

The issue isn’t you, it’s how you are using Facebook ads.

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Understanding Facebook Objectives For Better Ads

Woman taking a photo out of a window with a mobile phone

Facebook Objectives are probably one of the most misunderstood and overlooked aspects of Facebook ads.

But Facebook Objectives are also an essential part of Facebook advertising, so they’re important to understand.

By the end of this blog post you should have a knowledge of what objectives are, which are available, how they impact your ads, and which to choose for your ad campaign.

Let’s enter the world of Facebook Objectives.

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4 Strategies For Facebook Ads On A Budget

Person writing notes with notepad and pencil

Strategies for Facebook that will save your money.

While Facebook ads are incredibly inexpensive compared to the traditional advertising methods of television, radio, print and outdoor, there is still an expense.

And as a small business – or freelance or entrepreneur – you are probably on a very tight budget when it comes to marketing and advertising – especially if you aren’t completely convinced Facebook ads will work for your business.

With this in mind I have laid out below four low-cost strategies you can adopt to save you money when using Facebook ads.

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How To Create A Better Facebook Ad

Tools on a work bench

How do you create the perfect ad?

Well, there isn’t such a thing.

There are are ads that work really well. And ads that convert. And ads that spread your message well.

But you need to understand there is no one perfect ad (no matter what those Ad Blueprint downloads keep spruiking).

Before you publish your ad, you aren’t going to know which ad will hit the ball out of the park and which will tank – this is where testing comes in (but I will talk about that later in this blog post).

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